I work with women to fully reclaim the power and potential of their bodies.

Sometimes that work is done through personal training (online or in person) while other times it’s done through life coaching, workshops, or mindset work.

When you work with me there is no final destination or a fixed point, it’s the first step on an extraordinary journey…

I believe moving more and eating well can change your life.

But it’s not just about working out to look your best. It’s about feeling your best and BEing the best version of yourself possible. Not to prove yourself to anyone but to improve yourself and move yourself closer to the life you want.

Movement is a way to release your limits. Fuel your aspirations. Become your own advocate. Be your own champion…

There are no secrets. I’m not here to give you all the answers. But I am here to help you tune into your body’s wisdom and listen to your inner guidance.

There are no shortcuts. I’m not here to deny the tough work it takes to create a breakthrough. But I can help you find your path and discover the courage to take it.

Step #1

Join my private facebook community and become part of the tribe. This free group is where I deliver videos, content and even daily challenges to my inner circle.

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Step #2

Cultivating awareness is the foundation in reaching any goal.  Let's explore your patterns and habits together. Join my 21-Day Online Habit Buster Challenge for just $21.

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Step #3

"Evolve" and take it to the next level. Commit to working with me 1:1 for 3 months. Each quarter I take a small number of personal clients who are truly committed to changing their lives.

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My System is Based on 9 Key Components

Find your strength… and then Get Stronger

Be dedicated & go “full tilt” at least once a week

Adopt a growth based mindset: wellness is a journey, not a destination

Integrate mindful practices in your daily routine

Remain curious — learn something new every day

Stay anchored to your body & present moment through basic breathwork

Root yourself in community and surround yourself with people who make you better

Eat whole unprocessed foods

Maximize rest and recovery